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 Building a stronger, happier relationship with your dog.

Sharing your life with a companion animal is one of life's most rewarding experiences, and nothing compares to the companionship of a dog!

A well socialised and trained dog makes the relationship all the more rewarding.

There seems to be a shortage of good quality advice at an affordable price. Free advice is often available; but at what cost? As an animal behaviourist I have seen this lead to fatal consequences. Be careful from whom you take advice; when it comes to animals and children every one seems to be an expert!

Clever Creatures has been established to help prevent behaviour problems, and to enhance dog-human relationships by giving people the correct information & education; to help reduce behaviour problems & resolve minor problems without the huge price tag!

So why choose Clever Creatures? See our 'about us' page for more information & our testimonials page to hear from a  number of our customers..

Dogs, Behaviour and Training

When it comes to behaviour problems, prevention is definitely better than cure. But sometimes a dog arrives with 'baggage'.

Behaviours such as jumping up, excitable and disobedient behaviour, demanding behaviour, not coming when called, & running away can be from a lack of training; however it can also result from a misunderstanding of your dogs behaviour, or a lack of knowledge.  

Problems such as digging, chewing, destructiveness & escaping may be due to a serious problem such as separation anxiety; however it may also result from a lack of stimulation, exercise, or understanding from the human guardian.

Let us help you! Clever Creatures offers training classes south of the river in Perth. Our classes are held in Samson and Oakford.

Clever Creatures also has a range of products to assist with the prevention and treatment of training and behaviour problems. We have a number of new products in the pipeline so subscribe to our newsletter for updates or topic requests. Dog training customers are automatically subscribed to our newsletter.

Click here for more information on our dog training.

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