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D-Ter Animal & Bird Repellent

D-Ter Animal & Bird Repellent
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D-Ter Bird and Animal Repellent 100g
A fantastic animal repellent. For dogs, cats, birds, possums, kangaroos, bandicoots and more! (Registered for use against all animals and birds).
Deters them without harming.

Repels dogs & cats from soiling, digging & chewing in areas where they shouldn’t.
Protects homes, gardens, patios, shopfronts and paved areas from both dogs and cats or rats and mice.
Protects seedlings, herbs, vegetables, trees and shrubs from possums, kangaroos, wallabies, rabbits, foxes and other wildlife. Yes it is Safe for food crops.
Protects vegetables. fruit trees, ornamentals, seedlings and buildings from cockatoos, crows, ducks, pigeons, rosellas, starlings, swallows, other birds, fruit bats and micro bats.
Protect the roof space & the roses from possums!
Can be used on moored boats to prevent fouling by roosting birds.
Protect one plant or a whole area.
Repels – without harming animals or humans
Not considered a poison – no withholding period
Can be used both indoors & out.
Easy to use – mix with water & spray on. Effective when dry.
Can also be used as a dust, for example as a seed dressing.
Can last up to 8-12 weeks!
Safe, proven & effective.
So how does it work? It repels by creating a feeling within the animal that the area is unsafe and threatening. This feeling goes when they move away.

For use with all native animals and birds it is used at a rate of;
50g is added to 1 litre of warm water & allowed to cool. It is then applied with a garden sprayer or similar.
A 100g pack will make 2L of spray & will treat up to 120m
For dogs, cats and other non native pests (such as rats & mice) 2L will treat 60m
2-3 pages of information is provided with your purchase.
Plus for more information see our FAQ page (the top right hand tab).

Scroll down for pack sizes and prices or see individual listings for all the pack sizes available.
Postage: As a limited special offer to try 1 packet we have discounted the postage for 1 pack of D-Ter. The cost for postage for 100g is $2.60 and is below the real cost of postage.
The shipping page will also give details on the postage costs according to the weight of the product.
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