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Welcome to Clever Creatures Training Classes in Perth
Building a stronger, happier relationship with your dog.

Puppy Classes in Oakford, for puppies between 9 & 14 weeks. Click here to visit our puppy classes page.

Puppy Training 2 for puppies 14-22 weeks (4 to 5.5 months of age) Has now started!

Stage 1 Training is suitable for sociable dogs, young & old that have not attended training before or have only attended puppy classes or were too old for puppy training 2 (ie over 5.5 months). Stage 1 is the next level on from puppy class and puppy training 2.

Stage 2 Training is more advanced training only suitable for those who have completed stage one (or an equivalent level of adult or adolescent dog training classes).

Individual training If you are not sure what sort of training your dog should start with then book an individual lesson first. Individual training is ideal for dogs that have an urgent or unique training problem or are not suitable for group training. Dogs not suitable for group training are those who are reactive or aggressive to other dogs or people or dogs that have had minimal socialisation or exposure to other dogs.

Puppy classes (for puppies 9-14 weeks) run every Saturday & on Sundays! We tend to book quite quickly so see our puppy class page for more information.

Puppy Training 2 for puppies 14-22 weeks (4 to 5.5 months of age)

Next course will start on Sunday the 8th of February in Oakford  and Saturday the 14th of February at 10.10am in Samson (places available). More classes also running soon; see training dates page (link above) for up and coming dats & dates.

Puppy Training for puppies 14-22 weeks is now running in Samson & Oakford. In Samson the classes are on Saturday mornings. In Oakford the classes run on Saturday & Sunday mornings. Please note that although the classes are spaced to start 3 week apart it is important you book in advance to ensure your puppy is still young enough to attend. Puppy Training 2 is the next level from puppy classes but is also good for puppies who were too old for puppy class. This level has the ideal balance of general training along with socialisation which is age appropriate for your puppy.

For more information on what is covered please click here.

For up and coming classes see our training dates page & for current vacancies or to book go to our bookings and registration page.

Stage 1 (or Level 1) Dog Training with Clever Creatures 

Our Stage 1 classes in SAMSON for sociable dogs over 5.5 months of age:  Our next vacancy is for the 14th of  March at 11.15 * There are 8 places remaining.  Book now to secure your place. If you have missed out on the 7th Feb & need to get started before March we have a discounted casual class to get you started at 8am on the the 21st Feb. Can book for this and the above course via the book now link.

Our Stage 1 classes in Oakford for dogs over 5.5months of age:  Our next vacancy is for Saturday 14th of March at 11.15am. There are 8 places remaining. Book now to secure your place. 

The training is based on positive reinforcement training. For those of you who have already attended puppy classes, you will have already started this type of training. For those of you who haven't, welcome to the world of 'positive pet parenting'! We accept puppies and adult dogs of all ages. Adult dogs must be sociable and puppies can attend as soon as you have started getting them out an about (usually after their second vaccination but if in doubt check with your vet: If you have a young pup see our puppy class page).  

Our trainers can cover a range of training behaviours for pets (& their humans!), including (but not limited to); Paying attention, stopping jumping up, settle, stand for examination, mat training (and all the usual commands such as coming when called, walking on the lead, sit, stay, lay down etc!).

The classes consist of a six week course, run by an experienced and certified trainer.

The classes are small so that individual attention is given: Currently for stage 1 we are booking classes of 8 dogs with 2 trainers (or 6 dogs with 1 trainer).

New classes will be started every 3 weeks to avoid long waits (however book early to avoid disappointment as places in each class are limited).

For up and coming classes see our training dates page

Classes are held on Saturday mornings at Samson Park (McCombe Avenue in Samson) Saturday morning and weekday evenings (Summer) in Oakford AT 1537 Thomas Road (Near Nicholson road). (all details are emailed to you upon booking & sent out in the mail prior to the course starting). We hope to run extra days & more classes in Oakford in 2014. Are you interested in Sunday training in Oakford? If so please register your interest via the contact us page.

Times; Classes will usually be held at 8am, 9am 10.10am and 11.15am (or between 8 & 12 noon depending on the season). Each class runs for 50 minutes.  At this stage the classes are only being held on Saturday mornings though an evening class does run in Oakford over the summer months.  Bookings are essential.

Children are welcome (supervision by a parent is required). A dog exercise area, enclosed children's playground & public toilets are located at Samson park.

COST is $140 for the 6 week course.  The class size is 8 dogs with 2 instructors or 6 dogs with 1 instructor.

Payment is required at the time of booking to secure your place (Please note we cannot accept cash payment on the day or prior).

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! OR YOUR MONEY BACK! If, after completing the course, you are not satisfied please let us know & you will be refunded for every class that you have attended. Exceptions apply if we have offered you a refund at the start of the course due to behaviour problems.

Educational material is provided to you before & during the course. Upon booking we will send you your first lot of information to get you started! (Training starter notes and notes for excitable and disobedient behaviour)  


For bookings click on the link above (or phone Sarah on 9525-1553 for questions) Please email if you would like to book at a later stage.

Classes are designed for general training; If you are having behaviour problems with your dog it is advised that you phone first about behaviour modification or individual training sessions.   

For our dog training frequently asked questions please click here.

Stage 2 Dog Training

We now have more advanced training! With 2 levels of stage 2: An intro to agility, nosework & tricks or more advanced training; building on the basics.

Our next course in Samson: The 31st of January is NOW FULLY BOOKED This Course is "Clever Adult Dog"; more advanced training (best suited to dogs over 7 months or any dog that has completed stage 1).

For Oakford our next class: is 14th of March at 9am or sooner at 11am This Course is "Clever Adult Dog"; more advanced training (best suited to dogs over 7 months or any dog that has completed stage 1) Book now to reserve a place or email us to register your interest in later training courses. (Pre agility, tricks & nosework will run in oakford afrer the March course)

Not only is it more advanced, but more fun too! Our aim of this course is to increase the level of obedience and responsiveness from your dog.

This course will introduce: level 2 training which involves shaping more advanced training commands and refreshing and building on the basics.

We would like to introduce more commands which can be used in everyday life. Including but not limited to;

Improvements to walking on the lead

Teaching a dog to stop (as they are moving away from you).

Training a dog to wait by the front door rather than bolting out the front door & possibly running off.

Teaching a dog to leave something alone; such as food or an item (or wildlife) they are not meant to go near.

Other commands taught (or revised) include; Recall! (yes most teenage dogs need extra work on this!) mat training, stand for examination, wait, target training, 'leave it', 'stop', distance training

Course content is flexible to allow for changes & client request or feedback. Though at this stage the agility and tricks component will be running in a separate course.

Classes will be held on Saturday mornings (and soon an evening class), bookings are essential. The current class is in Samson & future classes will be held in Oakford.

No additional equipment is required (except lead) all agility props are provided.

Bring your dog on his/her standard lead & harness or collar: The lead should be strong & lightweight. It is also an advantage (but not essential) to have a long lead (max 9ft); For loose lead training & distance work; Your trainer will discuss this further at the first class.

We continue on the theme of positive reinforcement, and encourage socialisation.

It is a requirement that you have attended a Clever Creatures or similar basic obedience class as we do not cover the basics but rather build on them. Please note that puppy classes do not count as basic obedience; you are best to complete stage 2 after stage 1.

The cost is $135 for the 6 week course, each class runs for 50 minutes.
The current location is 1537 Thomas Road Oakford (on the corner of Nicholson road)

Come along and have some fun!

For further enquiries phone Sarah on 9525-1553

Individual Dog Training 

Our trainers can cover a range of training behaviours for pets (& their humans!) Not sure where to start? Try an individual lesson first.

Including, but not limited to;

Problems such as; Disobedient behaviour, jumping up, running off (and not coming when called) pulling on the lead, excitable behaviour, not listening or responding to their handler. In some circumstances we can also assist with barking & lunging at other dogs or people, & general reactivity or aggression (depending on the severity you may be referred to an animal behaviourist)

Book now for a Saturday morning/lunch time booking (and some Saturday afternoons). If you prefer Samson or Oakford location pelase specify the location in the promotion code box of the booking form. See note below re wait times.

The individual training session lasts for 30 minutes; this is a private session & therefore the trainer will be working with you & your dog for the full 30 minutes.

The cost is $46 for an individual training session and can be booked in 1 or 2 lesson blocks. Usually 1 is enough to get started with.

Payment must be made at the time of booking.

Upon booking we will contact you to arrange dates and times. You will generally need to book between 2 & 3 weeks in advance: Currently there are no appointments available before the 10th of January.

The current times vary from 7.50 to 2pm (on a Saturday) & the time slot before or after the training group class is booked first; most appintments at present are around lunch time. There is some flexibilty with Oakford if you require another day; do contact us first though to see if other days & times are available.

Some handouts are also provided; upon your first booking we will email your training starter notes with hints and tips so you can get started immediately.

Depending on the extent of the problems you are having we recommend you start with 1-2 training sessions. Some people will attend one session and then join in for a group course. This is ideal for new dogs or dogs that may be unsettled or aggressive to other dogs (and therefore the trainer can assess your dog, give you a head start with training & also assess whether a group course is a viable option).

The individual training session is ideal for people who need a head start before a group class starts or have a rescue dog.

Training sessions are also ideal for individuals or families with circumstances which make it difficult to attend a group class, and for those who work away.

If you cannot make your booked lesson you must phone the trainer (The number will be provided upon booking). Advance notice is required to enable a re-booking without further charge.

The training is held at Samson Park (South of the river in Perth): McCombe Avenue, Samson. From September Oakford will also be available (off Nicholson / Thomas Road)

The dog training classes are held in the Perth suburb of Samson / Kardinya & in Oakford. The surrounding suburbs include:

Closest to Samson:

Applecross, Attadale, Bateman, Beaconsfield, Beeliar, Bibra Lake, Bicton, Booragoon, Brentwood, Bullcreek, Canning Vale, Coogee, Coolbelup, East Fremantle, Fremantle, Glen Iris, Hilton, Jandacot, Kardinya, Leeming, Manning, Melville, Mt Pleasant, Munster, Murdoch, Myaree, O’Connor, Palmyra, Riverton, Rossmoyne, Samson, Shelley, South Fremantle, South Lake, Spearwood, Success, Wandi, Wattleup, White Gum Valley, Willetton, Willagee, Winthrop, Yangebup.

Closest to Oakford:
Anketell, Armadale, Atwell, Aubin Grove,  Baldivis, Banjup,  Bedfordale, Beeliar, Bertram, Brookdale, Byford, Canning Vale, Cardup, Casuarina, Champion Lakes, Glen Iris, Gosnells, Hammond Park, Hilton, Jandacot, Jarrahdale, Kelmscott, Kwinana, Mandogalup, Medina, Mount Nasura, Mundijong, Munster, Oakford, Parmelia, Piara Waters, Riverton, Serpentine, Sevill Grove, Shelley, Southern River, South Lake, Success, Wandi, Wattleup, Wellard, Willetton, Willagee, Wungong, Yangebup.
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