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101 Ways to keep your dog entertained! Booklet

101 Ways to keep your dog entertained! Booklet
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This is our original 101 Ways to keep your dog entertained printed booklet. Our new version is available as a download or on disc to load onto your computer. The new version has a few more suggestions & updates and has full colour photos (see the booklet with the German Shepherd on the front). This version still has over 101 hints and tips but contains graphics and text only.

Full of practical, innovative suggestions that will benefit both you and your dog Discover…
Over 101 ways to keep your dog entertained
Valuable information for home alone dogs
Welfare and safety considerations
Low cost ideas
Ideas for interactive entertainment
Training and health care ideas & instruction
The best toys & items you can buy
And much more!

Please also make a note in the comments box if your dog has a digging problem and we'll send you some extra notes!


101 Ways to keep your dog entertained!
We are working our way through the 101 ways to entertain our lively Jack Russell x.

The book provides a wealth of ideas for home alone dogs, as well as play activities with humans that go beyond the obvious 'tug of war' and 'fetch'.

We especially liked the ideas for home made toys as our pup destroys most bought toys within a few days. We have taken up the idea for hiding treats under ice cream containers and other home alone activities in our desperate bid to keep our home safe from our pup's destructive tendencies. So far so good!! Thanks Sarah for your advice and great ideas.

Jane and Biko (White Gum Valley)

101 ways to keep your dog entertained!
We have had much contact with you over Rusty's short life of a year. You have always been very reliable, helpful & surprisingly available (I say that as most people aren't, and you are sooooo busy but always contact us promptly - just as you say you will), when we needed some advice, equipment or even a shoulder to cry on...

I thanked our vet the other day for putting us onto you. We have learnt a lot, but it's also always been a pleasure to deal with you. I can't imagine it will be too long before we fall in love with another pup and start puppy pre-school & training with you again. I think it is FANTASTIC that you wrote that book on ways to keep dogs busy (101 Ways to Keep your Dog Entertained!)  as Rusty was always up to something. With all your ideas, we could ensure that it was generally something productive, rather than destructive.

Love Lisa & Rob Webber

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