Phone Consultation

Hi Sarah,

I just wanted to thank you for the telephone consultation yesterday.  You had some wonderful ideas and practical advice on helping to resolve my dogs anxiety issues, on preparing my dog for my first child and teaching my dog good eating and toileting habits. I look forward to giving you an update (hopefully all positive) and feel confident knowing I can contact you in the meantime if my dog reverts back to any undesirable behaviours.  I highly recommend the telephone consultation to anyone needing support in managing any dog behavioural issues.

Kind regards,
Monica D of Fremantle

Jill and Ringo

Clever Creatures gave us so many ideas and strategies to deal with doggy exuberance and questionable doggy manners in our rescue dog, all delivered with positive and gentle methods and a lot of fun. The owners are very much the students as well as the dogs and everybody comes away more confident. I would highly recommend this training for people with puppies and slightly wayward older dogs.

Laura from Kelmscott

Clever Creatures is a fantastic training organisation whose methods work well. The training sessions are enjoyable and effective.