I am inquiring about training for my dog. I have done group training through you before with my other dog. The problem is that she chases other dogs and barks at them, she never bites the other dogs but they often find her frightening and run away. This of course can cause problems at areas like the beach or park where dogs are off lead. She is a 1.5 year old kelpie X blue heeler and other than this problem is quite well behaved. Do you have any suitable training for a problem like this? Whether it be individual training or group training that you think she may benefit from?

In the case of potential dog aggression or poor social ‘etiquette’ it is always best to start with an individual training lesson.

From there (after some discussion about your dogs history and observation of general training and behaviour) we would either suggest people try further individual training, group training or referral to an animal behaviourist for behaviour modification.

My dog has a number of problems and is aggressive towards family members, can I book him in for an individual lesson?

He is not really suited for individual training as it wouldn’t be enough to solve your problem. Individual training can assist with some training issues but you are best to consult with a behaviourist for a home visit for more serious problems.

If you are unsure how serious your problem may be and can’t afford to see a behaviourist then book an individual lesson and we can help assess the situation and advise you of your options. Sometimes individual training will be enough, especially when family members need more consistency with training techniques, but it can be hard to advise until we have seen the dog.

My dog can be a bit aggressive with other dogs but I want to socialise him, can I book in for the group lesson?

If your dog has shown aggression in the past you must book in for an individual lesson first. Most dogs that come to group classes are puppies, and it is not suitable to have an aggressive or reactive dog in a group class. It may be that the dog just needs one or two individual lessons first. And at least if you have had an individual lesson then we can let you know if your dog is ready, and how to manage the dogs behaviour for when you do find yourself in a multiple dog environment.

I have a 14 month great dane who I’ve had for a couple of weeks, she has basic training, but could do with work on the lead and coming back when I call, chewing, digging, scrounging etc. I work every 3rd or 4th saturday. would we be able to work something out for the weeks that we would miss or do you HAVE to be able to attend the full 6 wk sessions consecutively?

It’s not uncommon for people to miss a class or two in a 6 weeks course.Of course the maximum benefit will be obtained by attending for 6 weeks, however you will still benefit from attending.

It is a set 6 week course and so signing up will sign you up for 6 weeks as we take limited numbers. We cannot run private lessons if people miss a class.The alternative option is individual training. Group training is focussed on general obedience, therefore limited time would be spent on behaviour issues such as chewing and digging etc, therefore individual training may be more flexible for you as you can discuss those things at the time. Perhaps you may wish to start with 1 or 2 individual training lessons and see how you go.

I have a 15th month old, female Labrador who has graduated from a Vet’s Puppy Preschool. I would like to join one of your classes to improve her obedience training. In particular, I would like her to consistently respond to our commands when outdoors, to not pull on the lead, to not jump up to greet other people and dogs with so much excitement, not pull clothes off the washing line and when inside go to her bed inside and stay in there. I know that she will respond well to the classes, I just need to learn how to train her properly. Which course do you recommend we sign up for to help with these issues?

The stage 1 course is most appropriate for your dogs level of training. See information on our dog training page for details of the stage 1 course. We also have a FAQ page with a bit more information.

The stage 1 covers most of these things and is always the best place to start with a dog that has only completed puppy classes. You then have the option to attend higher level (stage 2) if its needed at a later stage. If a dog is not sociable with other dogs then individual training would be the best place to start.

I am enquiring about dog training for my 8 month old dog who is a bit of a handful. He has been to puppy pre-school but we are having trouble walking him and he won’t come when is called; especially when there are other dogs or people around do you think this is the right training for him?

YES! It is very common for a dog between 5 & 12 months to pull on the lead and not come when they are called around other dogs and people as they are ‘teenagers’ at this stage and can really be quite challenging at times. The group training is perfect for dogs at this age as long as they are sociable. If the dog is unsociable or aggressive toward other dogs you would need to try an individual training lesson first and see how you go.