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Individual Tr: Oakford Sun 30th Dec at 11.10am


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Ideal for a new dog or dogs that may suffer anxiety or fear in a group situation. Also ideal for dogs that are not social, or bark around other dogs and need to be trained 1 on 1 (its not fair to put a dog in a group class unless it is sociable; this impacts the dog who may be fearful but it also impacts the whole class).

Individual training is great for dogs that are already quite well trained or socialised and you just need to work on 1 or 2 things. Or perhaps your schedule wont allow 6 weeks straight training? Dogs over 6 or 7 months that have not been socialised should also have an individual lesson before attending group training so you can get your dog off on the right foot and encourage positive and safe social behaviour.

Each lesson runs for 1 hour. For 2 dogs please contact us.

Your trainer in Oakford is Mandy. More details will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your booking.

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Relaxed owner = relaxed dog…lesson learned!┬áLilly’s a quick learner though, it’s just the dumb owner who takes a little longer ;-)”


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