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Come Back! Online training for humans!

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Come Back Recall Training is now available as an online learning option!

Teaching your dog to come when called is the most essential of all training commands!

This online learning course is ideal to compliment any classes you are currently doing, or maybe you haven’t started yet?


This online course is ideal for:

Time poor people who haven’t made it to classes yet

Attending classes but want to learn more? This will compliment your class content at any level of training.

Too far away? No problems!

New puppy? Get started the right way to have the perfect recall!

New dog? Maybe you need to undo previous bad habits

Old dog with a mind of their own? It’s never too late!

Had a dog die on the road before? Sadly, you are not alone.


You can work through the content 5-10 minutes at a time over a number of days or weeks or cram it all in over a few hours. It’s up to you!

There are a series of videos and handouts with more content being added as you read! This is a brand-new course so we’d love your feedback!


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