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Due to staffing there will be no reactive classes at the moment; please contact us to register your interest.

Individual training or our online reactive learning are 2 alternatives to get you started or may be combined with our reactive course.

Reactive Dog Training; Also called Clever but Reactive! for dog reactivity / aggression / Sensitivity or fear towards other dogs. This course is also very useful for fearful or over sensitive dogs that cannot calm down in proximity to other dogs. The aim is to reduce behaviours such as barking, lunging, growling, and inappropriate behaviour toward other dogs  – by dealing with the cause of the behaviour and teaching the dog new coping skills.

The skills taught during the course can be applied over time to have your dog walk calmly on a lead in proximity to other dogs. Behaviours can change quickly though the training and management should be ongoing after the course to keep your dog safe and happy. Set your dog up for success! We can show you how in this course.

Allow up t0 1 hour each week for up to 5 weeks depending on class size (Class 1 & 2 may go over an hour or may get combined). * The first 1-2 classes are humans only. Classes 3-4 or 5 are as per the schedule below. If the weather is bad some classes from weeks 3-5 may be rescheduled.

This may be a smaller group & if so course will run for 4 weeks (class 1  & 2 will be combined into a long class of up to 2 hours (humans only for this class).

This course is suitable dog dog reactivity (if dogs are reactive to people contact us prior to booking as we have a flexible course option). The course is designed to train the handlers on how to manage and deal with reactive behaviour. This course is the starting point for all reactive dogs; the time taken to resolve this type of problem varies greatly with each individual. The training starts with humans only (first 2-3 weeks) then dogs in class using controlled set ups which are safe and allow the handler to practice skills under close guidance of the trainer. Your dogs will not be in close proximity when training and so will not make the problem worse!

The course is designed around BAT (Behaviour Adjustment Training) Sarah is the only person certified as a Behaviour Adjustment Training instructor in Perth.

The schedule is as follows:

Class 1 & 2; No dogs; training the humans in behaviour, management & lead skills. Class 1 & 2 may get combined for smaller groups.

Class 3 & 4; 2 dogs each week (4 dogs in a  course). Humans not handling are watching & learning! Very important to see both sides of what is happening. Each dog and handler will have a trainer 1 on 1 for these sessions.

Class 5; all dogs. Working in pairs but separately working on the Behaviour Adjustment Training.

4 dogs each course, 1-2 instructors over 5 classes – increasing to 2 instructors when dogs are on the grounds. Its important you attend all classes to obtain full benefit of this course.

Usually run on Saturdays only in Oakford. However weekday evenings will be incorporated in the hot weather.

After the course: We run casual classes for graduates of this course; this means that once you have finished your initial training (5 classes) then you can attend some of our casual classes as you wish – casual classes are for graduates only for safety & positive training experiences.

Some recent feedback!… (Thank you Ellen with Alby for the feedback 🙂

“I found the reactive course very helpful in the sense that I learnt a lot about how to read my dog’s body language and the way that I react to situations. Learning how best to handle my dog around other dogs gave me more confidence to take him out!”

“We’ve just finished the Clever but Reactive course with Rory and I can see the difference in him already. The fact that it gives the skills to keep going and help address the cause of reactive behaviour is fantastic and I’m so much more confident in being able to take him out on walks than before – it really is training as much for the owners as for the dogs which is really helpful. ” -Claire Atwell

“Currently doing the reactive dog course with Sarah and it has been fantastic!!
Love the non force training and the techniques we were taught are working really well for our dog Dougie. It won’t be a quick fix but with what Sarah has shown us will definitely help Dougie learn new behaviours.
Hoping we can do more with Clever Creatures.” -Delly Coughlin



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