Clever but Reactive class
Many thanks. Poppy is doing really well; the occasional spectacular failure, but a myriad of small successes. We are gradually developing good new habits that I hope will become new ways of being.  I walk her on lead at the same time as another dog now; the other dog is a cranky cow, but Poppy just does her own thing and looks happy and relaxed – I think she likes being the ‘good’ one.
From Ros with Poppy
Jill and Ringo

Clever Creatures gave us so many ideas and strategies to deal with doggy exuberance and questionable doggy manners in our rescue dog, all delivered with positive and gentle methods and a lot of fun. The owners are very much the students as well as the dogs and everybody comes away more confident. I would highly recommend this training for people with puppies and slightly wayward older dogs.

Laura from Kelmscott

Clever Creatures is a fantastic training organisation whose methods work well. The training sessions are enjoyable and effective.