About Us

Established by Sarah McMullen, who has a passionate interest in working with animals, Clever Creatures allowed her to turn her passion into work. Sarah is experienced in all areas of animal care and has extensive knowledge in the field of animal behaviour and training.

Industry experience

Sarah developed Clever Creatures to enhance the relationship of pets (particularly dogs) and their owners. She studied at Murdoch University and worked as an animal behaviourist for approximately 10 years. She understands that having a pet can be expensive, and some behavioural solutions are not always affordable.

Prior to establishing Clever Creatures, Sarah worked as an animal behaviourist with H.A.B.I.T.S (and managed the practice), ran puppy classes for 10 years, and worked as a qualified veterinary nurse. Sarah is also a qualified zookeeper and worked at Perth Zoo for a number of years. In addition to running Clever Creatures, Sarah also works as a lecturer in animal studies and is in the process of writing a book about animal behaviour and training. Sarah is now also qualified as a cBATi (Certified Behaviour Adjustment Trainer instructor) One of the first in Perth!

The Clever Creatures ethos

Our local dog training classes are held in Samson & Oakford, Perth and all our trainers are qualified and certified. With over a decade of experience in training pets and pet owners, we have refined the classes into a fantastic training experience.

Our training classes currently run on a Saturday morning in both locations and also on Sundays in Oakford; and are available for puppies and dogs of all ages. For more information about our training classes, please see the dog-training page.

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