What level of training is best for my dog

It can be quite confusing to know where to start, and to find what you can go on with once you have started training your dog. We hope this information below can help; if not please give us a call (9525-1553) or contact us. We can offer phone consultations (by appointment) or we may be able to refer you on to someone who can assist you further.

Puppys 8-12 weeks = Puppy class. Must have been in your home for 10 days or more (natural isolation period) and not going out for walks to the park etc. Must have had at least 1 vaccination and be up to date. It helps if they have started lead training.

Puppys 12 weeks to 5.5 months = Taming the teenage pup. Ideal if your pup has started going out for walks or was too old for puppy class. Must be up to date with puppy vaccinations. If your pup is nervous or barky around other dogs, please start with an individual training lesson; this will be far more beneficial for you both so you can get started on the right foot!

Dogs over 5.5 months = Clever Dog Training or Individual training. If you have recently graduated from Teen pup you can move straight to Clever Dog. If you’ve had a break or not attended classes, you need to attend the Clever dog intro session before starting the course. Clever your dog and the intro session is not suitable for reactive dogs that bark or growl at other dogs or if they are fearful. Start with an individual training session and we can guide you from there!

Please call (& leave a message) for further guidance.






When do I need to pay?

You can pay at the time via credit card or paypal. If you want to pay by cash or direct deposit we require payment within 3 days of booking to keep your place (call us for this option). The courses usually book a few weeks in advance. We cannot hold places for longer than 3 days if you have not paid but it is always best to book ahead rather than phoning and asking us to hold you a place; if we get busy your place may get overlooked; with the online registration we have your place booked into our system.

Alternatively, you can pay thru PayPal. The link is; paypal.me/clevercreatures

My dog needs to be sterilised, what do you suggest?

We suggest you book your dog in to be sterilised on a Monday. That way they can rest for 5 days before coming to class: When your dog attends class ensure they don’t play with other dogs or run and jump around. Most classes do not involve running and jumping, however if you have a boisterous young dog talk to your vet about their recommendation.

If your dog cannot attend class due to sterilisation or being unwell please attend class without your dog. You will benefit greatly from attending the class and may even learn more without the distraction! You can then go home and practice when your dog is feeling better.

Missed classes cannot be refunded / replaced as it is a fixed course: We cannot slot your dog into another course at a later stage as the group dynamics develop over the course and a new dog in class may be unsettled and also unsettle or distract the rest of the group.

It is important to attend all of the classes to avoid getting behind, however if your dog suffers from a serious illness or injury during the period of the course please contact us to discuss your options (ph 9525-1553 Pref Mon-Fri office hours)

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask your trainer or phone us at Clever Creatures (9525-1553)

What to bring once booked:
  • Vaccination certificate: please bring proof of vaccination or immunity with you to the first class.
  • Please bring your puppy / dog on a fitted collar and lead: please also bring any training aids that you use (such as head collar or harness) with you. 
  • Tasty treats! Soft treats are best (cooked chicken or meat, small pieces of dog roll, 4 leg dog treats, bits of cheese, meats or sausage, or see training treats recipe on our resources page)
  • Toilet bag; please bring a toilet bag or two to clean up after your dog.
  • Sensible shoes; please wear comfortable clothing and suitable footwear (enclosed footwear).
  • Water & sunscreen; during warm weather please bring water for you and your dog. Although the area has shade, sunscreen is recommended.
  • A mat (your dogs mat or a bathmat) for training exercises.
  • Raincoat; during inclement weather we advise you bring a raincoat (and if you wish, one for your dog!) and a towel to dry your dog off after the class. (Note it’s usually the humans that don’t like to do out in the rain, not the dogs!)

Dogs should arrive on lead & remain on lead.

Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.

I tried to book without success. It appears there is an error with the page.

We update our pages everyday. If ever you encounter this error, please notify us immediately on 95251553. Thank you!

Do you still run classes in the rain?

Yes, the classes run in rain and poor weather. IF we decide it is safer to cancel we will contact you via sms (on the morning of training or the afternoon prior)

The dogs really do need to get used to being out in the rain; life needs to go on in winter and that includes daily walks and toilet stops outside.

Recently we have run a few classes during rain and even thunder; the dogs did really well and it is a great exercise to condition the dogs to poor weather and you may even be able to prevent storm phobia problems later on.

Please bring a jacket or poncho so that you are comfortable (umbrellas are not very practical when holding a dog on lead and training). If your dog has a jacket put it on them. And bring a towel for yourself and one to dry your dog off. If you have a very small dog an umbrella may help to keep them dry as they will feel the cold faster than the larger dogs.

Another reason why we don’t cancel classes is that we would need to rebook them & we’d never get through classes in winter and the new classes would get pushed back.

If the weather is severe (severe weather warning; hail or lightening) then we would cancel a class and arrange a time to re book the class at the end of the course. If we cancel a class your trainer will contact you on the morning; you may wish to check she has the best contact number for you.