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Welcome to our latest Creature Feature!

Hi from the team at Clever Creatures! We hope this has been a good start to the year. Isn't it going quickly! Since Winter is on its way we are planning to get a few new classes started in the coming weeks (for all levels, including more advanced training) plus we will have a some great new resources coming next month!... Watch this space & see below for some of the new class options coming up. In a few weeks we start...

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Happy Easter 2018 from the team at Clever Creatures!

Its been a busy 3 weeks attending the animal training symposium. Well done to Tandy and Louise who also attended a lot of the professional development. And Mandy who also came to what she could. A big thank you to Mellissa and Vickie who helped cover shifts in our absence! In this newsletter I'll share a scary story of how I almost lost my own dog just over a week ago. It still makes me shudder just thinking about it. Its prompted our pet first...

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Welcome to our latest Creature Feature. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!

Now you may or may not celebrate the Chinese new year, however since it the year of the dog, I couldn't let it go unnoticed! And why not celebrate anyway :-) So according to chinese astrology, each year is related to a  Chinese zodiac animal; and 2018 is a dog year. Here are a few traits I read about for those (humans) born under the year of the dog:  'Dogs' (Humans born under the dog year) are loyal and honest, amiable and kind,...

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