Training Services

Dog training classes are vital for your pet’s psychological and emotional development. Enjoy a healthy, joyous relationship with your dog by enrolling him/her in a Clever Creatures training class. We get to know you and your furry friend in order to provide you with the best possible advice.


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Puppy's 1st Class (up to 13 weeks)

Puppy classes are for puppies between 9 & 13 weeks of age. Puppy classes during the critical socialisation period (before 16 weeks of age) are vital for healthy development of a puppy. Don't leave it until your puppy or dog has problems; by then it can be too late. You will never again get such an important period of time in your dogs life. All puppy classes at this level run in Oakford as it is a private property. Puppy classes are a 4 week course or casual classes available for...

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Clever Puppy Training

Clever Puppy training is now TAMING THE TEENAGE PUP! For puppies 12-22 weeks of age (up to 5.5 months of age). This training is perfectly suited for Puppy problems, prevention, socialisation as well as age appropriate training for your puppy to develop to their full potential. It is suitable for puppies that have already completed puppy classes, or that were too old to attend puppy classes. Clever puppy training runs in Samson & Oakford.

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Young dogs (over 5 1/2 months)

Clever Young Dog training (stage 1) Once puppy has become the town’s socialite, we provide additional training to build on the basics. This is suitable for all ages; mainly dogs over 5.5 months of age. Even if your dog has not attended training before they can start at this level. It is suitable for all ages; as long as the dog is social with other dogs. Classes run in Samson & Oakford.

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Individual Training

Individual dog training Our trainers can cover a range of training behaviours for pets and their owners. If you are unsure where to start, try an individual lesson first. This is a private session and the trainer will work alongside you and your dog for a full hour. Location at Samson & Oakford.

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Clever Adult Dog

Clever Dog training (stage 2) with two different levels. The main level is more advanced training to build on the basics, and training commands.. But in Oakford we also run a level which covers an intro to agility, nose work and tricks. New courses for 2017 will be advertised soon.

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Seminars & Workshops

We now have a number of seminars and workshops available in Oakford; some run on a regular basis and others according to demand. Reactive dogs: we will soon be running a 2 to 3 hour seminar and we regularly run Clever but Reactive for dogs that react in a frustrated or aggressive way toward other dogs. Come Back! – Recall Seminar: A 1 hour seminar designed for the humans to build on your dogs recall. Keeping your dog entertained: Coming soon! Natural Pet health care Pulling on the...

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Phone Consultation - A 1 hour consultation by appointment. If you are not sure if we can help with a phone consultation please contact us. We have a number of contacts that we can refer you to if we cannot help or if we feel a house call or specialist appointment is required.

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