Latest News Creature Feature! August 2018

Creature Feature! August 2018

Welcome to our latest Creature Feature!

Hi from the team at Clever Creatures! Spring is almost here & we’re excited to be running more outdoor activities and classes for you! Be sure to have a read of our top training tips for your dog & we have a few great videos for you below.  Pat, Pet Pause is an essential video for children, and pretty useful for most adults too!

Training Tips for a Happy Dog

The best way to start training with your dog or puppy is to develop trust. Building a strong relationship is built on trust and confidence.If your dog feels confident and secure with your training guidance they are much more likely to respond.

Training Tips

* When interacting with your dog keep it positive! Encourage good behaviour with praise.

* Use reward based training. This means using rewards that your dog likes. Rewards can include verbal praise, pats, food, toys, play or ‘life rewards’ for example if your dog is walking nicely on the lead let them ‘stop and smell the roses’ (or whatever interesting smell they may be drawn to…

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