Latest News Clever Creatures ‘Clever Puppy Training’ For 14-22 week old puppies (4 to 5.5 months of age)

Clever Creatures ‘Clever Puppy Training’ For 14-22 week old puppies (4 to 5.5 months of age)

Class details (subject to change)

45 minute class.

6 weeks. Cost $155

Topics to be covered; subject to change

Education; re overexcitable behaviour around other dogs (or nervous behaviour etc), predictable teenage behaviour, Prep for real life (groomer, vets, medical treatment) behaviours getting worse before they get better. Problems solving Q & A.


Handling, conditioning & desensitisation

Mouth and body handling

Examination skills (training to prepare your puppy for vet visits & grooming etc)

Jumping up

Loose lead walking

Recall / come when called


Basics of training – paying attention, body positions, manners – incorporated into games, tricks & obstacle course

Games: this class involves more games to help training & to keep a puppy’s focus.  You will learn Games with your puppy which are fun and rewarding, and which will help you build a relationship with your dog based on trust and teamwork.

Tricks: for health & body position training (& tricks to avoid)….

A variety of tricks for health; a fun way to effectively teach sit, stand, down and a lot more, including stretching, safety, & information on why some tricks & formal commands are not advised at this age.


Meeting people & how to show manners & avoid jumping up.

Meeting dogs; the best way to meet new dogs and puppies, building confidence & calming over exuberance, settle & recall combined.

How is it different from stage 1? it is more age appropriate for puppies with the content, social experience and length of class. Stage 1 / general training can be continued after puppy level 2. We do cover approximately half the things from stage 1, possibly more. However we add more exercises to benefit the teenage puppies and building on social skills whilst on lead than we do in stage 1.

Stage 1 will accept dogs of all ages. The pre requisite is that dogs must be social, however some people’s view of social varies so occasionally we have dogs that are less suited to being around puppies. Rather than manage this and avoid contact we have introduced this new level of training to ensure it is safer and more relaxed with social opportunity during this period of time in your puppy’s development. Though in saying that we don’t just encourage people to come along and have their puppies play, tangle leads and develop bad habits; we prefer the social interactions to be managed so we guide the puppy & manage interactions through activities in class.

How is it different form puppy class? Puppy class focuses on off lead socialisation, less formal training and more education for family members. This is on lead training in a social setting; this time using lead skills, and new skills of meet and greets with the aim of teaching more impulse control around other dogs and people, and helping puppies to improve their manners.  Small class sizes ensure individual attention.

Bookings via www.clevercreatures.com.au (dog training page or bookings and registration page) for puppy training or stage 1 training.