Latest News Happy Easter 2018 from the team at Clever Creatures!

Happy Easter 2018 from the team at Clever Creatures!

Its been a busy 3 weeks attending the animal training symposium. Well done to Tandy and Louise who also attended a lot of the professional development. And Mandy who also came to what she could. A big thank you to Mellissa and Vickie who helped cover shifts in our absence!

In this newsletter I’ll share a scary story of how I almost lost my own dog just over a week ago. It still makes me shudder just thinking about it. Its prompted our pet first aid course to be bought forward. We have our first round of recall workshops and a seminar coming up. And of course info on chocolate toxicity in time for Easter. Also have a read about Whiskeys Wish who are doing a great job..

Pet First Aid – To SAVE A LIFE

I was at the training symposium & my husband was watching him as he played. In a matter of seconds it turned into an emergency as he got a ball lodged in his throat. It was a large ball but it still manged to get stuck and obstruct his airway. My husband went into a panic and did not know what to do.

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