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October Updates from Clever Creatures

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to our November edition of the Creatures Feature. This month features part 2 of the wonderful program ‘making dogs happy‘ by Catalyst (if you didn’t see part 1 it was even better than part 2 so see our video gallery page on the website to view it).

We’ve also got some information on exercising your dog by Sinead, who volunteers for us in Oakford and runs dog walking & a pet visit service based in Mt Nasura and the surrounding suburbs.

In the coming weeks we will also have some fantastic information on exercising your puppy(safely, and how much is too much?) Watch this space in our next newsletter and the booklets are coming in from overseas in the coming weeks.

We are looking at running our last stage 2 classes for the year. These classes will run if the demand!

If you are in need of a Clever young dog (Stage 1 training! for dogs over 5.5 months) our next course in Oakford is on Sunday the 6th of November; this is the last course to finish in time before the Christmas rush! We still have a few spots left so get in fast!


MAKING DOGS HAPPY – From Catalyst ABC (Part 2)

This is part two of the 2 part series and a must watch for all dog families!



What you need to know about exercising your dog

“A lack of regular activity may result in all manner of health and behavioural problems, so it’s essential that you commit to keeping your dog healthy”

As quoted by Sinead on her website, the above quote is from the RSPCA. for more information read further below. Sinead runs Tinkers dog walking. Tinkers is a dog walking and pet visit service based in Mount Nasura and available in Armadale, Kelmscott, Roleystone and surrounds.  Hour visits are available for dogs who need some exercise and half hour home visits for pets who might need a toilet break, some companionship and a bit of mental stimulation. Sinead volunteers with us in Oakford and so is consitent with our training methods which might come in handy!

Read more.


Puppy Culture – Coming Soon!

The Puppy Culture Exercise is a booklet with 14 Pages, including 6 age-appropriate exercise charts broken down by activity. The booklet includes the whys and hows of appropriate puppy exercise and explains growth plates and how to avoid “toddler fractures” in puppies. The Second Edition includes information about new studies regarding Hip Dysplasia in puppies. It’s an important guide to raising a puppy in a healthy and safe way.

You’ll surely love:

1. Great information on how puppies grow and how these function as the puppy matures.
2. It’s more than a list of “don’ts” it’s really a list of “dos” with a wide variety of age appropriate exercises being covered.
3. The “calming” forms of exercise that encourages a puppy to develop a calm mind.
4. Age appropriate guidelines will not only give you great ideas for activities to exercise your puppy but also how to do so safely with conditioning benefits suitable for that age.

And many more!

Learn here.