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Clever Dog Training

Clever Dog Training is suitable for  dogs over 5.5 months of age. Once puppy has become the town’s socialite, we provide additional training to build on the basics. Even if your dog has not attended training before they can start at this level. It is suitable for all ages; as long as the dog is social with other dogs. If your dog is reactive to other dogs or people please call us or book individual training first.
Classes run in Oakford.

The Intro class is a pre-requisite to attending the 4 week course. You can purchase an Intro Class and the 4 week course at the same time or you can purchase separately.

Puppies who have graduated from our Taming the Teenage Pup course in the past 6 weeks do not need to attend an Intro class and can book straight in to the course option.

  • Intro Class- Clever Young Dog Sat 28 August 9am