Products Training Services Puppy's 1st Class (up to 11 weeks)

Puppy's 1st Class (up to 11 weeks)

Puppy classes are for puppies between 8 & 11 weeks of age. Be sure to book in advance so they are ready to start once they have been in your home for 10 days (and had their first or second vaccination)
Puppy (& Taming the teenage pup) classes during the critical socialisation period (before 16 weeks of age) are vital for healthy development of a puppy. Don’t leave it until your puppy or dog has problems; by then it can be too late. You will never again get such an important period of time in your dogs life.
Puppy classes are a 4 week course or casual classes are sometimes available for puppies closer to 12 weeks – if over 12 weeks &/or fully vaccinated (& going out in public) see Taming the Teenage pup classes. If unsure about suitability please call us on 9525 1553. If your puppy has had its final vaccinations & going out in public (or will be in the next week or two) it should be in Taming the Teenage Pup or we may be able to start you in puppy class and move to Teen pup (Call us to arrange this).
All puppy classes at this level run in Oakford as it is a private property.