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Autumn 2017 at Clever Creatures!

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to the Autumn Creature Feature. Just a quick newsletter to update you with our latest courses and seminars; Last chance to train before Winter! If the demand we will run pre-agility, tricks and nosework starting on Sunday the 28th of May at 9am. See below for details Continue Reading...

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“So, You Want to Be a Sniffer Dog?”

“So, You Want to Be a Sniffer Dog?” The fun activity where you teach your dog to find a novel scent, just like at the airport and on tv! Scent training is a great activity as it is incredibly mentally stimulating for your dog and uses their natural talent of sniffing things out. You will learn lots about your relationship with your dog and have heaps of fun along the way. And, the best part is, any dog and any person can have a...

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November Updates from Clever Creatures

Hi everyone! Thanks to everyone who attended our first main seminar on Sunday. Sonya Bevan was our guest speaker & it was hosted By Fiona Cowie (The dog Lady). This was a great success with a sell out crowd of 30 attendees. Sonya spoke for 2 hours about Separation distress in dogs and training a soft dog (one who is sensitive to the environment and changes and can sometimes come across as resistant to training). Our next talk on Dec the...

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