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4 Class Course: Clever Young Dog Sat 18 May 10.10am

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  • This 4 week course is for dogs who have recently attended our intro class and/or for recent Taming the Teenage pup graduates.



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  1. Welcome to the Clever Young Dog course!

Clever Young Dog Training is suitable for sociable dogs over 5.5 months.  This is an on-lead general training course covering topics such as focus and engagement, recall, lead walking, stay, manners (not jumping on people), body language and more.

The course takes 4-6 dogs and runs for 4 consecutive weeks at the same time each week.  Each class runs for 50 minutes.

All new dogs must complete an Introductory class separately to this course. The introductory class will cover training foundations as well as ensure that group classes are the right option for you and your dog at this time. 

The Intro class and the 4 week course can be purchased in one transaction.

*Any puppies who have completed our Taming the Teenage Pup course within the last 8 weeks do NOT need to attend an introductory class.

The location of the classes is in Oldbury

**Full details emailed after booking- please read your email for important information.

Puppies younger than 5.5 months are best suited to the Taming the Teenage Pup Training as this is more age appropriate.  If your mature dog has never attended training before then this is the right level as long  as your dog is sociable and able to tolerate a group environment. If you are experiencing multiple behaviour problems with your dog or you are not sure of his or her sociability it is important you book an individual lesson or speak to us prior to booking into a group class, as group training may not be suitable. We are happy to advise on the best options for you so please get in contact.




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